Student Testimonials

Student using Accelerate Learning

I loved this class, I learned quite a lot.  It was full of different course information that was interesting and not boring.  I also loved Mrs. Hoffman, she helped when I needed it and kept in contact if I fell behind.  Overall, my experience was very good with this class.  I scored very well on the standard test I took with the school system . . .  -J.F.

Student using Plato Learning

Thanks again for everything that you have taught me, Ms. Hoffman.  I won’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all the support that you gave me. I am thankful and appreciated for all that you do not just for me but in general. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING:) – C.R.

Student using Accelerate Learning

My teacher was always there when I needed her and it was fun to have her as a teacher. Thank you very much for being my teacher this year I will miss you and I hope you have a wonderful summer.:) – K.J.

Student using Accelerate Learning

I had a great time taking this course. My teacher would reply very timely, and I had help when I needed it. I’m very glad I had Mrs. Hoffman as my teacher. –G.H.

Student who previously struggled with math

I really liked this course and felt like I learned a lot. I have previously struggled with math but this system made it a lot easier for me to understand things. The teacher was very helpful and I have a much better understanding of this concept than before.

Student using Accelerate Learning

My math teacher always helps me. When I ask her something, she answers quickly, and she helps me understand it. She helped me study for a lot of my quizzes and helped me get good grades on them. She also talks to my mom to help me improve in things. Thank you for helping me get good grades in math!  -T.B.

Student had a great time learning

I have had a great time learning in this course. I loved that you helped me and responded immediately after I contacted. I always followed the good information that you gave to me. Thank You very much for all of the help and effort you put in to helping me finish another school year. -K.B.