Online Curriculum is Great BUT . . .

Students learning with online curriculum benefit from the individualized and engaging format. It seems like an “add water and mix” learning solution! However, while many of the assignments are system-graded, there are items that require evaluation by a human teacher. In addition, a web-based program may be great at automatically issuing due dates but it doesn’t take into account when the student has the flu or is traveling to Grandma’s or needs to work ahead in preparation to take time off for the big tournament. An online curriculum may be highly interactive, but it still cannot whip out its whiteboard and show a student exactly where they went wrong in finding x. No matter how “proven effective” a program is, it still cannot determine what is best for the student as a whole person within their family’s unique situation.

. . . A Certified Teacher Makes it Better!

Regardless of how phenomenal an online curriculum is, it cannot accomplish all these things. But I can. Of course, parents can also accomplish these tasks, but sometimes they would like some assistance in doing so.

 I am a certified teacher who supports students in grades 3-8 who are using online curriculum.  As such, I:

  • Grade student work
  • Track student progress
  • Communicate regularly with parents
  • Answer student questions
  • Work closely with the family to help the student reach their potential

How It Works:

  1. I will work with your student with the CURRICULUM OF YOUR CHOICE. Global Student Network offers a number of excellent online curriculum options. Need assistance in choosing a curriculum to fit your student’s goals? I can help!
  2. I will DAILY* check your student’s courseware, grade any work, and answer any questions. I will also answer your student’s questions. *Daily meaning Monday-Friday. I try to reserve weekends for family time. J
  3. I will send parents a WEEKLY EMAIL, showing their student’s progress in each class (percentage of the course completed and the current grade). I am also available for any questions or concerns parents may have. I respond to emails, texts, calls within 4 hours, during the hours of 8am – 7pm MT. I have worked with many families living around the world and am happy to accommodate for various time zones.
  4. I will provide a weekly ONLINE DROP-IN HELP session. If students have questions or need help, they can “stop by” my Zoom room within the given timeframe.

With my BASIC SUPPORT PACK, I will provide the services listed above for $35 per month per class.

FULL SUPPORT PACK includes everything in the Basic Support Pack for up to four classes plus 1.5 hours of one-on-one tutoring time throughout the month – $100 per month.

PREMIUM SUPORT PACK includes everything in the Basic Support Pack for up to four classes plus one hour weekly tutoring – $200 per month.

Choose the support pack that is best for your family and let me help your student toward new heights in their learning!