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A benefit of online learning is that it is one student with one computer, an effective way to learn. A downside of online learning is it is one student with one computer – a potentially lonely way to learn.

New Heights hosts classes in safe, closed online classrooms. Our online classes are facilitated by a certified teacher who provide learning enrichment and opportunities for social interaction. Students collaborate, discuss, debate, and create while participating either via web cam or chat. “Parents over shoulder” always welcomed! J

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Class options include:

1) May Mini Math Camp – May 18-22

Students choose from these often hard to grasp middle school math topics – fractions, decimals, integers – to focus on for the week. May Mini Math Camp will include a daily live Zoom class Monday – Friday and access to a free online curriculum (which is good for 3 months) so they can practice what they learned. Limited to 10 students per topic.

2) June Drop-in – June 1-26

Free online curriculum (which is good for 3 months) and pay-what-you-can access to a weekly drop-in math tutoring session. It is like having your own tutor at a fraction of the price. Limited to 20 students.

3) Online Middle School Math Camp – July 1-31.

July’s Math Camp includes weekly Zoom classes with the teacher, access to online curriculum to practice with, and weekly drop-in tutoring. $150


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