Why do I need a learning coach?

Not every student can utilize online curriculum to learn totally independently. Most students are more likely to thrive with the support of an adult who can answer questions and track their progress.

Will I get a diploma or transcript through New Heights?

No. New Heights is a resource to assist students with their educational goals but not a school. Families using New Heights will have their students enrolled with a school or have an established homeschool plan. My job as a New Heights learning coach is to come alongside as a coach.

That being said, reporting that I will provide will be very useful, especially to homeschool families. It will clearly track what and when students have been learning.

Is a learning coach the same as a certified teacher?

Not always. Some programs offer learning coaches who are not certified teachers. I have BS in Education and certification through the State of Massachusetts for grades K-6. I have taught middle school and high school level courses with an online private school for four years.

What curriculum do you use?

You can choose according to which is best for your student and family! I am very well versed in all the options located on the curriculum page and I am happy to help you choose the best fit for your family.

How much will a learning coach cost?

There are two “trails” to choose from.

Green Trail – With this coaching plan, I will support a course (grade work, answer student questions, provide weekly feedback to parents) for $50 a month. This means if I coach your student in four classes (English, math, science, history), it would cost you $200 each month – less than the cost of most private online schools.

Blue Trail – With this plan, I will provide all the services about (grading, answering questions, weekly progress updates) as well as two hours tutoring divided as best fits your student and family. The cost for the Blue Trail is $100 per month.

Payment is set up on a secure easy-payment plan and can be canceled at any time with a two week advanced notice.

Coaching fees do NOT include payment for online curriculum, which is a completely separate arrangement.

Can I mix and match “trails” or coaching plans?


For example, if your student requires only the basic support offered by the Green Trail for all the subjects but needs extra support in math, you could arrange to pay $50 a month for English, history and science, and $100 a month for math.

Is there a minimum of classes required?

No, you can retain a coach for as many or as few classes as you would like. For example, if you are homeschooling and feel confident facilitating all classes except science, an online coach just for that class would be ideal.

How will a learning coach benefit our family?

I am very familiar with multiple online curriculum programs and can help your student get the most out of their learning experience. I handle all teacher-graded assignments and provide feedback to enrich student learning. As questions arise, I address each one to improve student learning. My model allows you to homeschool without having to fully take on the parent-as-teacher role. Also, many students at this age can work independently with the support of an online teacher, thus freeing up homeschool parents for jobs or other endeavors.

How does communication work?

For student questions, students can email me or message me through their courseware systems. For more involved questions or tutoring sessions, we can set up a session in an online classroom.

For parents, I send weekly progress updates by email.

For both students and parents, I am available by text or phone.