Online Middle School Math Camp by New Heights!

Looking for a fun way to help your middle school student (grades 6-8) to build their math skills this summer? Sign up NOW for Middle School Math Camp!

Here’s what camp includes –

  • Access to Edmentum’s Study Island online learning for one month. With Study Island, your student can work at their own pace whenever or wherever fits your summer schedule. They can brush up on skills they learned this past school year and/or get a jump on next year’s math curriculum. Parents will receive weekly updates regarding their student’s progress including what they learned the past week and goals for the next week.
  • Weekly online “math hike.” Once a week math campers will meet in a virtual classroom to think through math/logic puzzles, solve math mysteries, and build their mental math muscles. Just like a hike is a chance to be challenged while having fun, our weekly get together will be challenging and fun!
  • Weekly drop in tutoring. Once a week I will have my virtual classroom open for students to drop in and get help with any math questions or concepts.

Online math camp is a great fit for summer learning – here’s why:

Flexibility Online curriculum means your student can learn whenever and wherever best fits your family’s schedule. They can access their math coursework and weekly math hike wherever they find internet access.

Summer Down-time Yes, summer can be busy with trips and activities, but also summer can include quite a bit of down-time for middle school students. They are old enough to be home alone while parents work – give them something productive to do with all that time!

Prevent Summer Learning Slide Without practice, math skills and concepts can become “rusty.” Math camp helps to keep skills sharp and prevents students from forgetting what they had learned the prior school year.

Gear Up for the New School Year Whether brushing up on fractions or getting a head start on multi-step equations, summer math learning can help students enter the new year better prepared for success.

It’s Fun! An engaging teacher who knows how to make math appealing is like a spoon full of sugar to help the  . . . decimals go down!

Cost for Middle School Math Camp – $125 per student

Middle School Math Camp – July 2018

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Register through the payment page.
  2. You will receive login credentials for Edmentum’s Study Island. When your student logs in, they will take a diagnostic test. The diagnostic test will generate lessons and activities according to the students individual areas of weaknesses. The student works through those lessons at their own pace, emailing their learning coach as necessary.
  3. You will receive a link for the online classroom for the weekly math session and weekly drop-in tutoring. Math sessions and tutoring are conducted by a certified teacher who is experienced with teaching middle school math.
  4. Parents will be updated weekly by email as to their student’s progress.

Sign Up for Math Camp Today! 

Middle School is a Crucial Time for Math Development

Next Stop – High School! Students in grades 6-8 are visiting basic math topics one last time before heading off to high school. Therefore, it is essential that any learning gaps are filled and any weak areas strengthened.

Feed the Need for Challenge! For students who have mastered foundational math skills, middle school math should be filled with opportunities to be challenged. Providing means to excel keeps students engaged and staves off math boredom. Enjoying math is more than half the battle!

Girls and Math Middle school seems to be the time when some girls lose interest and confidence in math. Providing girls with support and encouragement to continue to embrace math can bolster their future learning potential.

New Heights Online Learning is dedicated to assisting families and students who learn with online curriculum. New Heights provides a certified teacher to grade work and provide feedback, enabling students to reach their highest potential.