My name is JanElle Hoffman.

I put my education degree and teaching certification to work in a traditional classroom for seven years before my promotion to motherhood (times five, including two sets of twins!). When my youngest started school, I returned to teaching. However, the educational landscape had changed considerably and I traded my chalkboard for a laptop!

In 2013, I began teaching with an accredited private online school. I was impressed with the benefits teacher-supported online learning provide to students and their families. Families who travel or live globally, students with acting or sports careers, families and students looking for alternative education options – all were well served by an online learning format enhanced by teachers.

I began to imagine how I might bring the benefits of teacher-supported online learning to more students and families. After all, there are many who are using online curriculum on their own; not enrolled in a school.

I decided to embark on an adventure called “New Heights Online Learning.” I chose the name because I had seen firsthand the new heights that students could achieve through online learning with the help of a teacher.

Learning is like climbing a mountain – hard work yet rewarding. You are more likely to be successful on the adventure if there is someone to show you the way, encourage you, lend a hand through the difficult sections, and celebrate with you when you reach your goal. That is my vision as an online learning coach – to lend my experience and expertise to help every step of the way.

The other reason for “new heights”? I live in Colorado – need I say more?! 🙂

At New Heights Online Learning, I offer coaching services for students in grades 3-8. As a coach I grade student work, track and report student progress to parents, and help students with questions. I also facilitate online classes, where students can collaborate with other students in a safe, closed, online classroom.

I am ready to work with your family to create an individualized learning plan for your student. I can help you choose an online curriculum and create structured support.

Thank you for stopping by! If you have any questions about how I can help your family achieve their educational goals, please contact me!